Stock market: Energy and Tech led the trend.

Updated time: 24 Jan, 2022, 13:50 (UTC+04:00)

Stocks got out of the red territory just like the traditional so-called Santa rally. The surge in energy and tech sectors, with spotlights naming Nike and Micron lifted off major indexes above 1%. Investors stayed cautiously optimistic, pushing the U.S Treasury yields to rise.

Shares of the No.1 shoe brand topped Wall Street with a 6.1% rise.

Micron gained 10.5% driven by high demand for memory.

Stock market: Energy and Tech led the trend.

Nvidia - another tech in the chip segment helped the broader market with its shares flagged as “top pick” by UBS.

Big tech rebounded: Meta jumped nearly 3% and others closed higher more than 1%.

Currencies turned a little volatile before Christmas, first of all is the weakened #dollar in early Asia as investors favored riskier currencies and asset classes. The greenback was last at 96.441 down from previous week high of 96.994, opposite from other peers when NZD, the euro and the pound recovered. Worrying the most was Turkey’s #lira, with a drop of 8.6%.

#Crypto in the holiday week grounded with #Bitcoin soaring beyond the $49,000 threshold and #Ether trading at over $4,000.

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