Major U.S indexes closed lower on Wednesday as cyclicals sectors slipped

Updated time: 24 Jan, 2022, 14:19 (UTC+04:00)

Stock markets regained after investors eased fears of the surge in #Omicron coronavirus variant infection. Another highlight was from President Joe Biden with his announcement of no more lockdowns, instead developing contingency plans with #Pfizer, #Moderna and #Johnson&Johnson to reformulate the current vaccines. Some bullish records included:

#SP500 rebounded 1.3%, thanks to investors’ risk appetite for #tech stocks returned

Big Tech got high gains, namely Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, etc., except for #Twitter was more than 1% lower as it posted news about the resignation of its CEO - Jack Dorsey.

#DowJones rose 0.68%, #Nashdaq climbed 1.9%.

#Pharmaceuticals rallied due to demands for reformulated vaccines, like Moderna’s shares climbing 11% higher.

#Consumer discretionary was among today’s leading gaining sectors.

#Oil prices surged 5%, putting #energy in demand as worries that OPEC and its allies could hold off output hike.

#Currencies stabilized after worst Omicron fears receded.

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